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We've been making cheesecakes for our friends and family for years, just for fun, and they have always received rave reviews. Our family has had several senior pets, and in Fall of 2022 I got the idea to sell cheesecakes to friends to help pay our increasing animal care costs. There was a LOT of interest, but when we found out it was against cottage food safety regulations to sell cheesecake out of your home, I thought that was the end of it.

Except that it wasn't! Not only did we still have friends wanting cheesecakes, We also had strangers messaging and requesting cheesecakes. A LOT. It seemed that there was a definite need in Barton County Kansas! We were able to start our baking operation in the fabulous Historic Wolf Hotel Kitchen and upgrade our operations!  We were able to open February of 2023, and still having a blast making cheesecakes for you all.

Its time to...
Meet your Baker!

My name is Allie Cartwright, and I have been making cheesecakes and creating recipes for over 13 years. Cheesecake is one of the most versatile and decadent desserts one can enjoy, and I’m so happy I get to create them for you!
When I am not baking, I am spending time with my husband, son, fur-babies, and friends. I also love meditation, reading, music, and camping.


Image credit: Eric Howton

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